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Cacturon – Banksia seed pod, flocking, steel, resin, water pump, sound
ROOIT – Plaster, steel, crinolene, resin, paint, pump, sound

Images: L to R, T to B

At the core of "Nature is a Cyborg" are five interactive eco-morphic characters, each endowed with unique healing powers and a mesmeric voice created from nature itself by sound artist Shane Mendosa. These sculptures exist in a dichotomy, blending natural and synthetic elements to provoke reflection and reaction (materials, incorporate found plant pods, ostrich quills, and wasp hive casings).

Drawing inspiration from Donna Haraway's

"A Cyborg Manifesto," Trevorah's characters blur the boundaries between human and non-human, organic and synthetic. They embody a vision of resistance and transformation, challenging established notions of power and agency in the natural world and encouraging viewers to reimagine their relationship with nature.

LUCIFERINA – Steel, plaster, flocking, resin, quartz, dyed jute, glow lights, sound
MUCRO – Plaster, resin, paint, Ostrich quill, sound

Photography: Noah Da Costa

Cacturon, towering and vibrant, serves to repair with its plant-like features – Banksia seed pods, resin, flocking, steel, water pump. RooIT embodies resilience and renewal, emitting a nutritious fluid while producing soothing sounds – Paster, steel, crinolene, pumps.

Luciferina, inspired by the glow of fireflies, utilises photosynthesis to emit healing light – Plaster, steel, flocking, quartz, glow lights, jute. Mucro, with its juxtaposed organic and sharp elements, symbolises purification – Plaster, natural Ostrich quill. Officina, a 'hermaphroditic sensual being,' exudes a calming aura of healing – Steel, natural wasp hive, melted thermo plastic, diffusers with Oud scent. Sock Lamps – cast Banksia seed pods, resin base, light fittings.

OFFICINA – Steel, resin, natural wasp hive, melted thermo plastic.
SOCK LAMP – Banksia seed pod, cast and resin basejpg



​The pineapple, a symbol of power and wealth, made its debut in the UK in 1668 and became synonymous with lavish dining tables during the Georgian era. However, its cultivation was challenging and costly, reflecting its value as high as £60 (equivalent to roughly £5,000 today). An object of pride and envy the pineapple was also an emblem of colonialism, weighted with connections to plantation slavery. Despite this, it has evolved to symbolise hospitality, friendship and swinging.

A site-specific sculpture for Fulham Palace, funded by Arts Council England, ANANAS, a striking 3-meter upside-down pineapple sculpture, comprises six stainless steel pineapple halves radiating from a central hexagonal column. While the colours shift from gold to green in the upper fruit section, the blue leaves reference the coat of arms of Bishop Blomfield, who originally designed the garden in the 1830s. Providing inspiration for the artist, the gardens feature a rare to the UK Pinery-Vinery (Pineapple and grape greenhouse) built by Bishop Howley and re-modelled in 2012.



Eco-Alien Family, ivy roots, steel, shower hose, seed pods
Predator 1, steel, pulp, soft foam
Gone, jesmonite
Inhumana, foam, paint

Triffids treats us to flora with unique sensory structures that breathe, eat, digest and move about, whilst sharing many of the same interactive systems as humans. Numbering among such chimeras, are plants equipped with armour, thorns, spines and noxious defences that threaten the hubris of human exceptionalism in which we are predators but never prey.

Cell 1, ice, paint
Cell 2, ice, paint
Cell 3, ice, paint
Cell 4, ice, paint
Cell 5, ice, paint
totem, sculpture, symbiosis
totem, sculpture, symbiosis
totem, sculpture, symbiosis
sculpture, wool, felt, textiles


Looking at our immersion within a dynamic world, Symbiosis is a collection of works that celebrates human–plant interconnectivity.


totem, sculpture, symbiosis
Splayed. Bronze resin, paint, silk fabric, sculpture
IMG_8021 (1).jpg
Instagram Poster.jpg



Planet Zero: Photograph printed on stainless steel; melted yupo, wood, resin
Planet Zero: Photograph printed on stainless steel; melted fresnel lens
 Photograph printed on stainless steel; perspex, melted plastic,
 Photograph printed on stainless steel; perspex, melted plastic
 Photograph, printed on stainless steel; wax and paper figures, glass,

The Anthropocene Collection: Special project with Saatchi Gallery


Tomb 2
Tomb 4
Tomb 1
Tomb 3
Rhythm: Japanese cedar driftwood, steel strings




Memorial for a Memorial: Temporary replacement public sculpture for Babrbara Hepworth 'Single Form' with artist Annie Trevorah

Memorial for a Memorial

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