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Listen to Annie Trevorah talk about Symbiosis

Listen to Annie Trevorah talk about Triffids


Barbican Arts Trust Group Exhibition & Awards Show 1-10th Dec (see below)


Pump House Gallery, London, SOLO SHOW 'TRIFFIDS'  - part of Chelsea Physic Garden 350th celebrations - 18-22nd October 23
Selected as finalist for VAO Emerging Artist Prize

CuratorSpace Bursary
Chianciano Biennale 2022 Prize winner for photography/digital art
ICAC Art Critics Award
Presenter for The Urgency of the Arts Assembly
Visiting tutor UCA





Catalogue, Triffids, Sculpture, Art




totem, sculpture, symbiosis
totem, sculpture, symbiosis
totem, sculpture, symbiosis
totem, sculpture, symbiosis
sculpture, wool, felt, textiles


Looking at our immersion within a dynamic world, Symbiosis is a collection of works that celebrates human–plant interconnectivity.

Splayed. Bronze resin, paint, silk fabric, sculpture

Captivating viewers with an internal landscape reminiscent of a magical forest, Trevorah weaves and merges linked evolutionary, reproductive processes and intra-dependence between the two biospheres, with an abundance of imagination and meticulousness.



Symbiosis not only leaves us reflecting upon our present choices and its impact on our future existence, but it negotiates between two paradigms – potentiality and actuality.

Hive. Photograph printed on stainless steel,
Biosphere. Metal and painted wasp honeycomb, sculpture

As we progress through the work we delve into a more futuristic interpretation of the world we live in and planets beyond.

Emergents. Installation. Resin, petiole
Planet Zero: Photograph printed on stainless steel; melted yupo, wood, resin
Planet Zero: Photograph printed on stainless steel; melted fresnel lens
 Photograph printed on stainless steel; perspex, melted plastic,
 Photograph printed on stainless steel; perspex, melted plastic
 Photograph, printed on stainless steel; wax and paper figures, glass,
Instagram Poster.jpg

Microbe illustrations inspired by flora and fauna CNC milled and sprayed with pearlescent paint

Watch Evolution change colour

IMG_8021 (1).jpg

Clades is made from Cactus with the spines painstakingly plucked , cast in bronze resin and painted.

Selected by Royal Cambrian Academy and for Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition 

Instagram Poster.jpg
Instagram Poster.jpg
Instagram Poster.jpg

Selected Work


Tombs. The Anthropocene Collection: Special project with Saatchi Gallery

Selected for Malamegi LAB MILAN'22 awards exhibition

Selected by Las Laguna Art Gallery, USA for Political Storm, 1st Nov, 2022

Selected for Stack, 67 York Street, Sept 2022

Tomb 2
Tomb 4
Tomb 3
Tomb 1


Chaiya Art Award, Exhibition April 2023                         



Rhythm: Japanese cedar driftwood, steel strings

Selected by PRPG, Mexico for Ephemeral | Life, Death, Art 22nd Oct, 2022


The Chianciano Biennale 2022 Prize winner for photography and digital art 

ICAC Art Critics Award

Memorial for a Memorial. Public work Battersea Park

Memorial for a Memorial: Temporary replacement public sculpture for Babrbara Hepworth 'Single Form' with artist Annie Trevorah

Memorial for a Memorial, takes the place of Barbara Hepworth's Single Form whilst temporarily on loan. This work was commissioned by Wandsworth Council

Accountability. Grenfell Tower 5th Anniversary.

Grenfell Installation: Preview WiP
Account-ability; remembering Grenfell 5yrs on

Accountability by Annie Trevorah They lie unconscious with laboured breathing Thick black smoke and raging heat 4th floor to 24th in 36 minutes Money saving materials, face-saving deceit Choking stairwell helmet meltingly hot Fighting deaf and fighting blind Attack retreat, attack retreat Where are you? Closing doors never to open Closing mouths never to speak Towering inferno holds people captive Told to stay in death trapped flats Combustible cladding fuel to the fire Falling debris and breached walls cracking Ash filled sky and oxygen sharing Immeasurable loss, unimaginable pain Embers and ash cloaking death Last messages remain where no remains Haunting words of human suffering Silence and silenced Account-ability, omitted and denied Responsibility avoided and implied Financial self-interest as politicians pass on costs Justice deserved but outcome delayed 5 years and counting Opaque truths in shrouded shame mask culpability and blame Little comfort, no comfort For those who remain

Agony & Ecstasy

2020-21: response to Covid, wall relief cast in bronze resin

I Am Woman

Selected by Society of Women Artist for 160th anniversary exhibition

Refresh Art Award

I Am Woman: lifesize sculpture,resin, lime finish
I Am Woman: lifesize sculpture,resin, lime finish
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